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October 8, 2012
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Monster Girl Challenge Day 7 - Plant Girl by D-idara Monster Girl Challenge Day 7 - Plant Girl by D-idara
Monster Girl Challenge Day 7 - Plant Girl

Full Name: Colette LeRouge
Age: 22 Years
Nationality: USA - Dragonrose Woods (Enchanted)
Height: 2,10 m - 6"11'
Weight: 272 Kg - 600 lbs
Species: Alura Une (Dragonrose)

She likes...:heart:
- Trendy clothing
- Washing and combing her hair
- Rain (It makes her petals shine and gives her energy)
- Human flesh (Contrary to popular belief, most Alura Une not only consume human blood as susteinance, but their flesh as well, especially the Dragonrose subspecies)
- Curling up inside her rose (It gives her this feeling of protection since the rose's petals are pretty resistant to piercing blows)
- Playing around with humans
- Chocolate milk (Usually taken from lost children)
- Cash Cash (She does have a Laptop to download music)
- Cats

She dislikes...:ohnoes:
- Garden weed growing on her hair and petals (From time to time she looks for a wandering Gnome gardener to help her clean it up when it gets out of control)
- Clotted blood (She consumes humans alive)
- Anyone criticizing her clothing
- Stepping out of her rose, as it makes her feel weak and unprotected, and the constant sucking of nutrients from soil stops
- Fire and Ice (One reason she absolutely hates elementals or magic users)
- Her thorns getting stuck in things
- Humans cutting the little rosebuds that grow at her base (Although she'll usually give one when she considers someone a friend as a little token)

Fun Facts:
- Unlike the majority of Alura Une, Colette loves pretty, trendy clothes and can be seen wearing thick-rimmed glasses, colorful scarfs and checkered shirts most of the time. She also likes making her own clothes with leaves and branches she finds around the forest, and she's been in trouble for stealing other Alura Unes' colorful petals to craft prettier clothes and even iPhone cases. Her personality is far from an annoying hipster, though.

- Colette has a Leopard Cat cub called Cashew.

- Dragonroses are Alura Une subspecies that tend to show an extremely and almost disturbingly voracious behavior when consuming their prey. This species, native to the particular forest, got the name from the shape of their feeding tendrils which resemble a Dragon's open mouth, these tendrils are useful for chewing and softening big portions of flesh, they also allow the Alura Une to eat at least twice as fast than they would if they only had the little human mouth (Also loaded with several rows of sharp teeth that are mostly hidden from plain sight).

RP Pic

Colette *D-idara
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She's awesome
Prickle-Thorn: *Sitting on top of a branch* So your the plant lady that dwells in these woods huh?
Streakthehedgehog3 Dec 22, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow.. amazing!

*walking around the forest at night, amazingly enough able to see everything due to half-dragon powers*
She's beautiful. 

Izuko: "I hate it when it rains like this." I said to myself as I held my harms over my head. *As he's running, Izuko suddenly slips and falls down the side of the hill when he stepped on this lose patch of soil. Only to come to a painful stop when he huts his back against this thick root of some sort of plant where lays there on the ground as flashes of pain rips through him every time he tries to move.*
D-idara Oct 26, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Colette was minding her own business when something hit the base of her roots, making her yank forward and almost draw a line of lipstick across her whole face, the Alura Une taking a moment to recover herself before turning around with anger in her face, trying to find what or whoever was responsible for hitting her, her dragon-tendrils crawling along the ground to scout it.
*Izuko was in too much pain to notice the dragon-tendril that had wrapped itself around it.* 
Izuko: "OK Izuko if I just stayed still the snake will just slither on by as if I wasn't even here." I thought to myself as the snake sent another wave of pain through my body. 
Another great design here. I'm in particular a fan of the glasses and the scarf! The leafy top is certainly not a novel idea, but it fits perfectly with this theme! Extra points for the petals in the big flower, really well-drawn! :thumbsup:

Virtus: *Notices a faint fragrance in the jungle air, and follows it to a clearing. There he finds a huge red flower, and the scent gets stronger. He decides to keep his distance so that he doesn't damage the beautiful flower's roots and just enjoys the intoxicating smell*
D-idara Jan 9, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
T'was a pain to draw :I

Colette: *The flowe continued emanating those mind-numbing vapors into the air as the dragon-like tendrils calmly seeped out of the soil to start slithering along the ground, Colette's head poking through the middle of the gigantic rose, with sap coming off her hair as she stretched herself towards Virtus, one of the dragon-tendrils instinctively coiling around his leg, the Alura Une's hands laying on Virtus' cheeks as she looked at him with a mischievous smirk on her lips, the other dragon-tendril going up and very close to his face, opening up to reveal its extremely-sharp fangs and the acidic sap dripping from its insides* "Oof~! I'm hungry..."
Then be at ease knowing that it paid off! Great work!

Virtus: *He looked at her with a pleasant smile beneath his mask, too dazed by her pheromones to fight back the green tendril running up his legs* "... What do flower girls eat then? Water...? Fertilizer...?"
D-idara Jan 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Colette: *The green tendril suddenly lifted Virtus up by his leg, leaving him hanging upside-down in the air, the plant girl smiling, several rows of sharp teeth in the place of normal human teeth* "We eat humans...tasty humans"
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