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July 22, 2011
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Meg: *Walking through a vivid-green forest; feeling weird magic everywhere. Suddenly getting attacked by little Fairies* "W-Wait! Little things! Stop! Please! I-It tickles!!! I'm going to trip!" *Struggles as the fairies continue poking every inch of her huge body*

Fairies: *As they laugh childishly; their hands are charged with magic, making Meg's body start to feel strange sensations everywhere; her legs freezing cold and her arms burning hot*

Meg: "That's not funny!!!" *Waves her hands around making the Fairies stand back a bit scared, her body returning to normal*


:bulletyellow: First, there's an explanation for Meg's lack of her claw. Those claws only emerge on Honig Biene's pinkies when their beehive is in construction so they can help with it; but when they're in mating season, the only abnormal thing about their hands are the Honeycombs on their wrists.

:bulletyellow: Actually, this is not the first time the Fairies mess with Meg, those little mischievous creatures absolutely love to play pranks on people with their sensitivity-bending magic; and Meg is the perfect target for their jokes because she's too gentle and sluggish and she won't ever fight back. Fortunately, Meg is able to please them with fresh sweet Honey so they leave her alone, but these Fairies here seem to be having such a good time bothering the huge Honig Biene...


:bulletyellow: Meg (c) *D-idara

:bulletyellow: RP Pic
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Critique by KOIBEAT Nov 21, 2012, 10:39:31 PM
Hello. this is a sexy unique picture and i really want to critique it!

First off i love the design. out of all the erotic bee themed pictures i have ever seen, this honestly tops it. The areas in which i think i will be able to help are definitely not in fundamentals which i don't believe you lack at all but maybe on some convincing details.

I personally think the hair could use a bit more style. it appears a little too flat and the same goes with the antennas. They seem a bit stiff. If they had more of a curvy look like they were bouncy and more elastic and flexible, it would show intuitively the liveliness and eroticism of this drawing.

as for the general outline of this character's figure, i would say it needs some more feminine curves that arent so bulky as in muscular because that would be too masculine. but for the most part i like the fact that this isnt one of those hourglass models that are one in too many.. this character has some healthy girth that all real men want.

In the back area (i'm not sure what it is called) where the bee's needle would be, i liked your description of the concept behind the fact there is no needle there. that truly impressed me with your creativity. however what i think it needs is more attention. to do that, all i would suggest is adding more definition and by adding more of a plump look to that little lip at the end where the needle would have been.

On the nipples i like the shine. very nice effect. it would also look good on the knees and elbows. I'm not sure if you are very familiar with various forms of hentai but there is a signature look of having either reddened or shine on those joints mentioned. If you added the shine on the knees and elbows it would have good contrasting balance with the all black hair which shouldnt have any shine to it in my opinion.

As for the vaginal area. i dont know if you would consider this too far or out of your taste but me and many many others, some moisture would be a very amazing touch.

That is all i have to say about the main character [resented in this piece.

The fairies i believe were and interesting addition to what is going on in the composition yet i feel that they ought to show more personality. It is pretty obvious that they are messing with the bee but their personalities arent really showing. and since they are so small it might be difficult to portray them through the facial expressions. so i would suggest doing so through the form of the body and what their movement would appear to be like.

now for the bottom area where there is that little platform she is standing on. this one is just a thought, not something i am fully suggesting but it might give a good balance between the top and bottom of the drawing if there was some kind of grass or other material to form a ground. The honeycomb looking platform looks good but seems a bit to 2 dimensional based off the angle it is seen at.

outside of what you have drawn i want to talk about what you could do with this on case you havent already considered it.

If you were to recreate this (without the words on the top right area) in digital art form or a really precise painting, you could add what this cool composition desperately needs: definition.

it needs definition to show a more 3 dimensional look that i think suits this character just fine. i noticed this around the breast area for example. if the black was less dark as it came more and more closer to the foreground (or end of the breast) it would look much better and show definition. I mentioned that i like this character because of her s shape, but not flat!
It seems you drew this with some kind of color markers so i know that it would be difficult or near impossible using that kind of media. so this is just something i think would be great to look forward to.

I believe you have some kind of story that this character goes in. what better way to advertise and expose your story to many more people by creating a master cover for what you want people to see so it lures them into your story's world

this is all i have to offer and i hope it was of some use. good luck on your story's development and its as well as your success
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Speedslide Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013
Really great sense of movement in this one. Meg looks adorable as always, but seeing her like this, slightly helpless and fending to her embarassment, it really scores some extra cute points. Nice work on the auras around the fairies as well! :thumbsup:

Virtus: *Steps into the tussle and with two quick swipes of his hands, he's got the two fairies caught by their wings. He hangs them up close to his face and gives them a very angry look* "I don't like bullies, no matter how tiny they are. And if you two knows what's best for you, you'll apologize to this girl right now!" *Gives a low menacing snarl to the visibly frightened fairies*
D-idara Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Fairies: "We're sorry!" >n<
Speedslide Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013
Virtus: "Good! Now do I have to spank you or will you play nice?"
D-idara Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Meg: "Kids will be kids...just let them go" *Meg uttered as she gently held Virtus hand and plucked the fairies from his finger, letting them fly in the opposite direction as she sighed*
Speedslide Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013
Virtus: "Sorry... I really hate bullies. You ok, madame?"
uberfrill14 Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: *runs in with bug spray* Eat Raid, fairy varmints!!! *sprays the fairies carefully to avoid hitting Meg*
Acesniper232 Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
sweat honey?!!!! biology failllll!!! Honey is nectar fermented aka aged, nectar would be the acaptable liquid and if its in the breasts or some artists who are perverts the vagina.
D-idara Featured By Owner May 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Actually, it's a much more liquid-y and traslucid version of common honey, and you're a prick, BTW.
Acesniper232 Featured By Owner May 10, 2012
U Mad boohoo its called advice you looser
Riley-Ironstand Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Me: "Need some help there missy?"
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