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Festival of Colors by Shidus
by Shidus

Escribiré mi Crítica en español, si no te molesta... Primero que todo...COLORES! un dibujo bastante vivo y colorido, y a diferenci...

Can I play with you? by Sabbie89

Overall, i like it a lot. The most interesting part is that all the people on there seem to have different facial expressions and body ...


Luna Reference Sheet (NSFW) by D-idara
Luna Reference Sheet (NSFW)
Listened To:
Shovel Knight - Pastorale (Village Interiors)
Sonic Unleashed - Mazuri (Night)
Sonic '06 - The Inlet
Sonic 4 - Splash Hill Medley

Name: Luna
Age: 21
Height: 14'12"
Weight: 1590lbs
Species: Mountain Cyclops
Build: Herculean
Gender: Shemale (Leaning towards Male)
Cock Size: 4'1" Long & 4" Thick
Personality: Despite her towering size and massive strength, Luna's not nearly as violent or territorial as her Cyclops brethren, even though she still takes her duties seriously and appreciates other creatures staying out of their territory, she's more likely to give them a clear warning than outright destroying whoever's unlucky enough to wander off the safe mountain path. Being a huntress, she's always felt close to nature, and she takes great care in respecting the natural order of things, another thing that makes her a little more open to socializing with creatures other than Cyclops.

So here's Luna's Reference Sheet! That laughing Luna's totally adorable! She's a big, buff Cyclops with the soul of a cute little puppy! Eh...well, actually, that's not right, she takes her duties far more seriously than a cute little puppy would, and she does have a hyperactive sex-drive, enhanced by the fact that she's still young. She's a pretty likeable gal, though! (LOL, I love mixing male/female articles and terms :v).

Feedback & Comments Appreciated!

Luna © D-idara
27th Metroid Anniversary - FA by D-idara
27th Metroid Anniversary - FA
Listened To:
SSBM - Brinstar
SSBM - Brinstar Depths
Metroid: Other M - Ridley Battle
Metroid Prime 3 - Rundas Battle
Metroid Prime - Phendrana Drifts

So here's me celebrating the Metroid Anniversary with a cute little badge featuring our beautiful heroine! She's a little touched up with a small amount of makeup, obviously not common with Samus, but nothing wrong with looking a little prettier for such an important occasion. Here's hoping that Nintendo announces a new Metroid game this year or 2015, we need some more epic, atmospheric alien-killing action on the Wii U & 3DS, and it does look like those games are on the making already...let's all celebrate Metroid playing all the games already avaiable, though... #MetroidMonth

Feedback & Comments Appreciated!

Samus & Metroid © Nintendo
Summertime Lovin' Bee by D-idara
Summertime Lovin' Bee
Pikmin 3 - Mission Mode
Pikmin 3 - Twilight River
SM3DW - Sunshine Seaside
Sonic Generations - Seaside Hill Modern
Wind Waker - Outset Island HD
Regular Show - Summertime Lovin'

I'll kick off this summer with cute little Meg! Here she's looking more confident about herself on that nice one-piece swimsuit, the warm colors and flower stamps really make Meg's attributes stand out, especially her plump bits, all bouncing and wobbling around as she hops about on matching flower sandals. It's almost like she has Summertime Lovin' stuck on her head...which I can relate with...

Meg's also sporting the short haircut I gave her a long time ago on a christmas picture...and I think she'll be keeping the look, along with some slight design tweaks that I did to make her a little easier on the eyes, now she has stripes only on her arms, legs and stinger to clear up her midsection, and her feet now look more natural, more like feet rather than weird built-in shoes, I also fattened her up a bit, hope that's not a problem, a constant diet of homemade sweets tends to add a few pounds to a girl over time.

Feedback & Comments Appreciated!

Meg © D-idara
Meg's Summertime fun -Sketch- by D-idara
Meg's Summertime fun -Sketch-
Meg looks a little more confident about herself on that delicious one-piece swimsuit! Looks like her flab's all flabbing around and she's bobbing up and down with happiness. She's also sporting a cute short haircut and I touched up her design, now she only has stripes on her legs and arms, to clear up her midsection a little more than usual, now her design looks much lighter on the eyes, and less forced.

Meg © D-idara


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